About Manuel

Particle physicist turned theoretical neuroscientist. Science Communication Manager for ACIT and Branch Manager for Mannheim/Heidelberg. If you are interested in writing a guest article for our blog, reach out via manu.brenn@gmail.com with an idea or a draft and we can work it from there!

Why Time is so Annoying

A physicist’s letter of complaint “I have become Time, the destroyer of your desire to do physics.” Bhagavad Gita, approximate translation Why is time giving us such a hard time? Photo by Ben White on Unsplash Every child knows what time is. It’s literally everywhere. Nothing makes

Smart is the old sexy

On the importance of Sexual Selection in the Evolution of Human Intelligence The question of how mankind got here is a curious one. How is it that we differ so profoundly from all the other animals on the planet? How is it that we are so (relatively speaking) unreasonably