ACIT Global Conferences

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ACIT Local Branches (Black)

ACIT has formed communities across four continents in partnership with local universities that organize regular meetups and events.

We currently have active branches in:
- Canada
- Germany
- Switzerland
- India

We are in the process of building branches in:
- China
- Japan
- Kenya

If you would like to get involved in one of these countries or build up a branch of your own in your region, please get in touch with us.

ACIT Local Events (Black)

ACIT hosts conferences and local seminars across the world, where renowned professors and ACIT Global members hold speeches and presentations about a given annual topic.

These events present a great opportunity to gather together for fruitful discussion and get a chance to talk to front-leading experts in a given field. 

We also host at least one global ACIT conference once every year, where we partner with leading organizations to enable cutting-edge discourse on a key topic from artificial intelligence, neuroscience or social change for 100+ guests.

Get in touch with us to have an ACIT event hosted in your area.