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ACIT Legacy Events

A Showcase of Our Most Memorable Conferences

Neuroscience, Evolution, and the Philosophy of Mind

Over 130 people attended ACIT Global’s debut conference to shed light on the riveting questions related to the functioning and evolution of the modern human brain, by exploring the intersection of neuroscience, evolution, and the philosophy of mind.

The Neuroscience of
Mental Health

Over 200 people gathered to explore various aspects of mental well-being, featuring internationally renowned experts in psychology and neuroscience from France, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as clinical psychotherapists and psychiatrists. 

The Future of Consumer Behavior and Commerce

Over 50 guests and featured speakers, ranging from startup founders to industry leaders, discussed AI’s impact on everyday behaviours, the growing importance of sustainability, the future of branding in the digital world, and the integration of social impact in business.

Differences of Biological vs. Artificial Intelligence

Over 70 attendees joined us to delve into the multifaceted concept of intelligence, featuring distinguished experts on the topics of IQ, EQ, and the intersection with AI, culminating in a dynamic panel debate about the nature and future of intelligence.

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