Our Management Board is an array of critical thinkers from a variety of different fields of expertise, united by their passion to make education freely accessible to the world

ACIT Global Management Board

Benjamin Bargetzi is an internationally sought-after expert on topics surrounding digital transformation, the world of tomorrow, and business applications of psychological science. He works as a Senior Key Account Manager for Google, where he oversees digitalization projects and business development partnerships with some of Google’s largest Swiss partners. Previously, he worked for Amazon in Seattle, London, and Luxembourg, and managed international digitalization projects to increase the efficiency of Amazon’s pan-European processes. Prior to his entry into the tech industry, he was Senior Strategy Consultant for Europe’s leading future institute 2b AHEAD, and he advised major corporations on future-proof business models. He researched and studied the human brain at world-leading universities in Oxford, London, Singapore, and Zurich, together with international pioneers in the field. As a speaker, he is regularly invited by companies, conferences, and universities to talk about success strategies for the digital transformation process, the world in 2035, and the application of neuroscience in business. Eager to support people in need, Benjamin has also been leading in and initiating multiple social impact projects, and it was this combination of scientific passions and the wish to do good in the world that made him envision ACIT back in 2014.

Patrick Juan is an undergraduate student in his final year of study at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Business with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. In addition to this, he is completing a certificate in Business Analytics and Decision Making (BADM), while completing an Education minor in Counselling and Human Development as well. He also works part-time at a robotics firm called Apex Motion Control, where he focuses on the marketing and data analysis of the company. One of the things Patrick is passionate about is creating social impact, and he has actively found ways to give back to his community through past projects with Enactus and Emerge GX. Now, as a part of ACIT, he hopes to bring people from Canada together to collaborate and create knew knowledge that can tackle some of the community’s most pressing challenges.

Manuel Brenner studied physics in Heidelberg, where he acquired his M.Sc. degree in 2018, working on fundamental questions of quantum mechanics. Seeking a more human-centered career, he switched to study the intricacies of the brain and its relationships to mental health by pursuing a PhD at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim. In his free time, he is a passionate jazz pianist, double bass player, and music producer. He loves learning about novel ideas from all kinds of disciplines. His interdisciplinary interests find expression in his articles for the ACIT blog and in his hosting role at the ACIT Science Podcast.

Tianna is an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University pursuing a major in Sustainable Energy Engineering and a minor in International Studies. After taking an interest in both social and environmental development, she became fascinated with learning how to blend the two perspectives and apply it to technology research. At ACIT, she hopes to engage others in discussions on global issues and in learning about a variety of multidisciplinary topics. In her free time, you can find her reading, playing guitar or attempting new art and science projects.

Mara is a Swiss psychology student from Zurich. She loves to understand human perception and behavior. She is fascinated by the reciprocal psychological and biological influences that play an important role in our everyday life as well. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, music, and spending time with her friends. She is an altruistic, enthusiastic, and open-minded person who cares deeply about well-being and equity. Therefore, she is pleased to be able to support these causes at ACIT through her internship for her Master’s degree.

Maftuna is an emerging content writer, focused on IT, innovation and public policies. Born in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, she has been raised in a multicultural environment that helped her work at international startups like Lifebonder and Freew, and later get accepted into a Master’s degree program at University of Tsukuba. Maftuna is passionate about sustainable development, inclusion and lifelong learning. At ACIT, she hopes to refine her skills and gain valuable experience. Maftuna spends her free time doing creative writing or drawing.

Sergio Roldan is a student at the Beedie School of Business, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and a minor in Economics. His love for business began from a young age when he helped his father run the family business. He has participated in various philosophy events that sparked his interest in philosophy and literature. His favourite books are the horror stories of Edgar Allan Poe (his favourite is “The Tell-Tale Heart”). In his free time, he likes to play the piano and watch movies with his friends. He believes that education has the power to change the world, and this motivated him to join ACIT.

Manishi studied evolutionary biology and completed her PhD in chronobiology in Bangalore, India. Since then she has been involved in science communication and science education through certain organizations in India. She is working on expressing her ideas through writing and wants to connect different disciplines through her content. She believes that she can use science as a tool to become a compassion evangelist and therefore looks to connect with people who feel the same. She ensures to give a good amount of her time to exploration of certain artforms, kathak dance and Hindustani music to be specific.

Nadine is a former student from Sweden. She has studied Political Science with a focus in International Migration and Ethnic Relationships, and furthermore an international Master’s in Humanitarian Action in Conflict at Uppsala University. In addition to that, she has been doing an internship at Doctors without Borders, stationed at the HR department as well as the Policy/Advocacy department. Since 2016, Nadine has been active in a Swedish human rights organization running campaigns and events regarding human rights related subjects. In addition to that, Summer camp has been an important source of her broad work experience for all sectors, and she has worked many years with kids with different ages, backgrounds, and conditions. A few things that she highly prioritizes are social relations, activities, and training. Playfulness is her key to make life more fun. Now, she’s eager to be a part of ACIT and development both ways.

Paul is a creative and innovative media and communications expert. He is experienced in the development and execution of communication strategies, editorial direction, creative and technical writing, as well as the management of global collaborative campaigns. He is a career journalist, business manager, and leader who is passionate about positive social impact and sustainable development. Paul has a master’s degree in digital journalism and a master’s in business administration.

Imrich is an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, focused on actively expanding his knowledge and skills. Not afraid of working with people, yet thriving when working independently. His interests do not stop with Information Technology, he is also an avid learner of human psychology and philosophy. Once he starts working towards a certain goal, he does not stop until he reaches it. He focuses his entire life on the utmost efficiency in every way possible, which allows him to take the best paths that are often not discovered. He does not believe in the impossible, he only believes in lack of desire.

Antoine currently pursues an LL.M. at Yale Law School, with a focus on international law and legal theory. He was involved in various student and youth organizations throughout his studies. Prior to moving to the United States, he trained in law and philosophy in Belgium and Switzerland, among other places. Antoine hopes to bridge theory and practice, academia and the real-world, the abstract and the concrete, and to do so through the law, precisely where the books meet the courtroom. At ACIT, Antoine founded our Belgian branch and headed Marketing, Partnerships & Legal, before taking up his current role as Senior Content Manager.

Fiona works as a marketing and M&A manager in an international trade company in London, specializing on marketing campaigns and public relations. With an interdisciplinary background between political science, knowledge management and business, critical and innovative thinking have become central pillars of her career. Previous to her current role, Fiona developed different approaches for managing sensitive information within large corporations, and worked in HR for a major Chinese tech firm. With study and research experience across top schools in China (Tsinghua and Nankai University), Korea (Hanyang university) and London (University College London), she embraces various cultures and has developed a network all around the world. At ACIT, she predominantly focuses on building a bridge between the European and Asian branches, and manages both the UK and Chinese branches. In her private life, Fiona is especially interested in designing fashion and Korean drama.

Nicole is a PhD candidate at Tsinghua, China’s leading university, and previously graduated from University College London. Combining a rigorous scientific spirit with her business-focus, Nicole has set up three companies ever since graduating from college, and now successfully operates an education consulting firm in Beijing, focusing on the international exchange of educational resources & self-enhancement services between Chinese and foreign students. In addition, Nicole takes on important positions in the Tsinghua University Student Union. Lastly, Nicole is responsible for recruiting outstanding Chinese members for establishing and growing ACIT China.

Maxime just finished an intense internship in an international law firm and is currently searching for a new purpose in life. As a former History and Law student from Belgium and Canada, he has many fields of interests, and he is still wondering how he can translate his profound curiosity for the human being into a meaningful career. He considers himself as an optimistic realist, conscious of the struggles ahead but hopeful for a better future. By taking the lead as the Head of ACIT’s Belgian branch, Maxime hopes to be able to have a significant impact on ACIT’s development and community building.

Remus did his bachelor’s degree in sociology, law and philosophy at the university of Zurich, where he is also currently doing his master’s studies, specializing in economic sociology and the use of quantitative research methods. Remus favors historical-comparative readings on society and holds a special interest for the long-term evolution of human societies and the sociology of morality. As a teaching assistant, he introduced students to classics of social theory and currently assists students in doing empirical theses. Being interdisciplinary interested, Remus co-founded a philosophy association in Zurich in order to provide individuals from different disciplines and backgrounds a platform for free thought-exchange, an aim which he also pursues within ACIT. As for recreational activities, Remus enjoys playing a variety of instruments, such as violin and mandolin, and focuses mainly on 19th century European dance music.

Jackomo is an altruistic and analytic thinker, constantly flooded by new ideas. After six years of studies involving biology, management of natural resources, chemistry, economics, and psychology, he is now working as a financial consultant. In his private life, he loves to discuss thoughts and new concepts ranging from human nature, investment, future technology, taking care of body and soul with yoga and movement practice, all the way to martial arts. He has also worked in rough jobs ranging from construction to care. As part of ACIT he wants to connect people to discuss ideas and start impactful projects.

After being at CERN and DESY, two of the leading research institutes for high energy physics, to study particle interactions in next-generation detectors for his bachelor thesis, Jonas is currently pursuing master’s degrees in both physics and philosophy. Having recognized the central role of complexity in some of the most relevant questions of the 21st century, he moved from investigating the fundamental constituents of the universe to the interdisciplinary field of theoretical neuroscience. There he hopes to bring together insights both from theoretical physics as well as analytical philosophy. Being part of ACIT, he aims to further interdisciplinary discourse around the globe to help others (and himself) to make sense of the complex world we call home. 

Tomas holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and history, and completed an assessment year in law. He is currently studying his masters degree in European Global Studies at the European Institute of the University of Basel. He worked as a tutor for Theoretical Philosophy and as a research assistant in political science. He also helped organize academic conferences and cultural events at the University of Basel and is part of the student editorial office. In his studies, he is very interested in international affairs, conceptual history, phenomenology, political theory and the critical theory from the Frankfurt School. Tomas is passionate about reading, music and photography. With ACIT he wants to make room for interfaculty discussions, where arguments count more than rhetoric.

Aurel completed his master’s degree in mathematics at ETH Zurich in early 2017, with focus on axiomatic set theory. Following his passions, he completed a further trainee program in data science. Changing his focus from a technical to a more overarching perspective, he started a comprehensive trainee program at Allianz Insurances. In his spare time, he likes to do sports, and to try out new things. He loves to organize cozy game evenings with his friends, mastering difficult escape rooms, and participates in ninja warrior from time to time. At ACIT, Aurel predominantly works on partnerships with Mensa International and is part of the conference event organization team.

ACIT Alumni and Alumnae

Past members of our ACIT Career Starter Program

Audrey is currently a student at Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication with a Minor in Print and Digital Publishing. She also works at the university’s Student Services department as a Design and Marketing Coordinator, where she creates and manages the department’s marketing and social media initiatives. One of the many things Audrey is passionate about is building one’s self-awareness in the way one communicates and interacts socially with respect and mindfulness. As a part of ACIT, she hopes to learn, connect and create meaningful dialogue with a global network of thinkers of diverse backgrounds.

Avedeep is a third-year Business Student, concentrating in MIS and Finance, at Simon Fraser University. She is an open-minded and creative individual who is a great team player and a strong leader which she believes will help her succeed in this role. She enjoys playing sports like soccer and volleyball, loves being outdoors, enjoys reading, and loves to spend quality time with her family and friends. She is passionate about equality,  diversity, social changes, and loves to plan events, which motivated her to be part of the ACIT team. She has been planning events for other school clubs, her other community involvements, and her family events as well. As an Event Planner for ACIT, she hopes to get more of her school for a wonderful organization.

Cameron is currently a student at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University where he is studying Business and planning on concentrating in Accounting & Strategic Analysis. He also works as a Project Coordinator for BenchRetro, a department of Bench Accounting, America’s largest bookkeeping service for small businesses. In his role he specializes in collecting documentation for historical tax filing as well as refinancing and connecting with clients who have defaulted on their payments. Cameron’s passion for knowledge and learning and sharing those with the world is one of the main reasons he is excited to be a part of ACIT SFU. When not working or in school, you can find Cameron reading up on the existential school of thought, shopping at socially conscious & ethical brands or catching up on sleep.

Sharlyn is a 4th year Communications major w/ a Publishing minor at SFU. With a passion for writing and a love for people, Sharlyn hopes to one day become a journalist that tells the unique stories of BIPOC communities around the country. Apart from her studies, she also works part time at a fintech startup company as a digital marketing specialist, focusing on increasing brand awareness and establishing marketing strategies. Sharlyn also contributes as an Events Director in a few SFU clubs including Her Campus SFU and SFUnison. When she’s not working or studying, you can often find Sharlyn volunteering at her church or jamming out on her guitar and singing covers. From r&b to classic rock, Sharlyn loves all things music as well as songwriting and one day hopes to record her own song. Sharlyn also loves to travel, trying out new cuisines, and binging MCU movies.

Neil is currently Economics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He has a passion for helping others and often volunteers his free time at community organizations. Most recently working as the Operations Manager at an Enactus SFU program that helped newcomers to Canada develop essential financial literacy skills, he was able to put his interests together into one place and help people that really needed it. Holding a strong passion for logistics and organization he is excited to be joining ACIT to start the conversation on a variety of important issues. When not at school or working, you can find Neil enjoying one of the many activities that the great outdoors of Vancouver has to offer.

Lily is currently a student at Simon Fraser University studying business with a concentration in Marketing and Management Information Systems. In addition, she is pursuing a minor in Communications and is currently working on getting her real estate license. With a passion for social impact, Lily is always looking for ways to be involved in the community and has been apart of multiple student led organizations such as Enactus SFU. She has mentored high school students with entrepreneurial skills and has also been apart of organizing an ideathon called the Changemaker Challenge. Lily is currently apart of the organizing committee for an international MIS case competition and is always looking for ways to connect with new people worldwide. Her passion for social change has led her to join ACIT to connect people that are also looking to make an impact.

Forrest is currently pursuing a BSc. in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg. Prior to moving to Luxembourg he spent most of his time in Ibiza, a small Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Through his many travels he has had the chance to travel and meet people of all sorts. Passionate about mathematics, education and philosophy, he wishes to spread awareness, knowledge and values. He will be joining as a Global HR & Operations intern, where he will partake in the development of ACIT.

Driven by the question of what essentially constitutes human beings, Xenia has been studying philosophy and biology at the University of Basel since 2016. As a part of ACIT, she is keen to advance interdisciplinary discourse in science, and thus hopes to contribute a small part to solving the problems the world presents us with. Besides her studies, she works in the cultural field, and when she is not cooking and trying out new dishes, doing sports or reading, Xenia is outdoors in nature, hiking, skiing or simply admiring the beauty of nature.

I’m Niek, a Dutch student in economics & business from Rotterdam. However, after four years of Rotterdam, I left towards Zurich to pursue my exchange. To respect my Dutch heritage, I biked all the way here! And because one adventure wasn’t enough, I decided to join ACIT! After setting up Extraordinary Life in Rotterdam last year (an organisation about self-development) I wanted a new challenge with a new association. Other passions and interests of me include reading, sports, playing guitar and spending time with my lovely family & friends. A perfect night for me would be Scottish whisky, a cigar and dark chocolate accompanied by deep, genuine conversations.

Haris focused his studies on musicology and ethnology, and he is now transitioning towards studying business administration. He found a fascination in how all the sciences, along with music, are linked by different forms of information. Haris is passionate about music, so in his free time, he enjoys working on his musical talents with the piano and accordion. He also sets aside time to play tennis and read when he can.

Tarunjeev is a student pursuing major in Applied Mathematics and minor in Statistics at Simon Fraser University. As an individual, he is very passionate of using numbers and statistics to help understand solid facts and help businesses grow by providing useful insights . As a Full-time student, he also works part-time for a company where he is an IT consultant and help clients come up with solutions for their day-to-day tech-related problems. Additionally, he has also been able to volunteer for some clubs where he came across fields like finance, community engagement and counselling. In free time, one can find him either on the field playing cricket, listening music or hanging out with friends. Now as a member of ACIT, his focus is to come up with ideas for planning out events and hopefully engage by connecting with startups to help grow the community all over the globe.

Rafael completed his BSc in Nanosciences at University of Basel with the aim of gaining a deep understanding of the mechanisms governing the natural world. For his Master, he specializes in experimental Nanophysics with a focus on Semiconductor Quantum Computing and Quantum Optics. Additionally, he is interested in Biophysics and the foundations of life at the molecular level, and he hopes to bring together these fields in his future work. In his leisure time, he pursues his fascination for financial markets, investing and personality development, which he tries to expand through reading. Besides that, he is passionate about keeping and breeding freshwater ornamental fish. He is member of the steering group of the parosphromenus project, an initiative of private fishkeepers aimed at the protection of the highly endangered liquorice gouramis, both in their Southeast Asian habitats and the aquaria of enthusiasts around the world.

Aik Leng is a firm believer of effective altruism and is passionate about finding ways to contribute his small part in making the world a better place. Having studied psychology and geosciences in the National University of Singapore, he hopes to influence and educate the community to make ethical decisions in their lives, especially pertaining to the issues of environmentalism, inequality and animal cruelty. A naval officer by profession, he enjoys climbing, farming and yoga in his free time.

Tony Nguyen is a first-year international student at Simon Fraser University. His wanderlust has prompted him to travel a lot for years. Meeting many people living in substandard medical conditions, he decided to pursue his education in Biomedical Engineering to devise affordable medical products in the future. At ACIT, he hopes to make meaningful connections with people under a partnership role.

Currently pursuing a Computer Science degree in hopes of becoming an established Software Engineer in the Video Game industry. When I’m not busy with my studies or work I’m also an
avid gamer who also loves nature and enjoys working out outside. Strongly believe in self care to better your mental while also reap the health benefits in the process. Passionate about anything regarding Science and Technology. Strong advocate for free education and wish to help in any way that I can to provide tools and resources for those who wish to learn or need guidance regarding their educational interests.

Leon Fuchs is currently a high school graduate interested in psychology, business, game theory, music and fashion, looking to study psychology in Japan in the near future. Having worked on multiple ecommerce websites, YouTube channels and social media accounts, he joined ACIT Global in 2020 to be able to further improve his video production, website design and online marketing skills. He also designed this beautiful website you are currently viewing. You’re welcome.

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