Benefits as a Member

As a Member of ACIT you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a ever-growing network of passionate critical thinkers.
  • Getting tickets for our annual conference that are limited and only available for members of ACIT.
  • The opportunity to participate in scientific and social events of the local groups (ACIT employs six branches in four different countries; two in Switzerland (Zurich and Zug), two in Germany (Leipzig and Mannheim), one in London and one in Vancouver.).You will have the opportunity to get together with interesting and passionate people who share similar interests and can help you expand your mind.
  • Career coaching from other ACIT Members . With each other’s help, we’ll be sure to Ace It!

Interested? ACIT Membership is fully free! All we expect is a passion for critical thinking, science, and philosophy, and a kind heart.

Please note that there are different forms to apply through, depending on your region, so we can efficiently bring your application to the branch manager closest to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Europe – Apply Here
Canada – Apply Here

Feeling even more ambitious?

The ACIT network is quickly expanding. If you live in a city where there is not yet any existing ACIT branch, and if you feel our goals and principles truly resonate with you, we encourage you to become part of the team!

We are currently hiring…

Social Media Manager(s)

You are a true millenial and love everything related social media? Then we are looking for you!

We are hiring up to two social media managers for our global Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels. Your task will be to put up posts about events and the most important global developments. If you are experienced in design, even better!

Branch managers

We strongly encourage applications for building up new ACIT branches, especially from countries where there are not yet any ACIT branches. We want to make ACIT truly international and our dream is to provide our members the opportunity to attend ACIT meetings wherever they are, from the remotest mountain villages in Nepal to bustling Chinese megacities! If you are interested in becoming a branch manager, write us a mail with your location and your plan for building up the ACIT branch, on top of the normal application for membership. We will then get in touch and will support you with advice and resources to make your ambition come true.

As our current manager unfortunately moved away, we are further looking for a replacement manager for the Zurich area.

Guest writers for our science blog

We love talking and hearing about new scientific or philosophical ideas. If you have an amazing research project or know about something that you would love more people to hear about, we encourage you to become a guest writer for our science blog!
Send your application to our science communication manager Manuel, outlining your idea and optimally already a first draft.