ACIT Online Seminar Series

We have launched a series of free online seminars on a variety of topics, ranging from science to business and everything in-between, and these sessions are open to everyone! The seminars will consist of a 45-min presentation each, followed by a 15-min Q&A session.

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Past Seminars

Statistical Neuroscience – April 18, 2020
This seminar covered how the brain creates models of how the world works, how these models tend to fail, and how statistical tools can help us to get a clearer picture of the world in times of great uncertainty… including assessing news about COVID-19.
The speakers of this session were Manuel Brenner, Physicist, PhD candidate in Neuroscience and Regional Director for Europe at ACIT, as well as Benjamin Bargetzi, founder of ACIT, cognitive scientist, Strategic Account Manager at Google, and former strategy consultant.
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Climate Change – May 7, 2020
Viola Rädle, Researcher in Environmental Physics, spoke on the physical and chemical processes behind climate change.

Morality in Humans – May 28, 2020
Maximilian Stoller, Researcher in Developmental & Evolutionary Psychology, and Benjamin Bargetzi, the founder of ACIT, will cover the development of morality in humans, and what trees & light bulbs have to do with it.
Video Link – Maximilian
Video Link – Benjamin

International Organizations and the Challenges of the Pandemic – June 11, 2020
Ass. iur. Maria Stemmler, M.A. (Philosophy), Researcher at the Chair of International Law and Public Law Basel, discussed the challenges that the WHO, the EU, and NATO are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Architecture of the Internet – July 1, 2020
Florian Brenner, Computer Scientist & Software Development Engineer, presented on the Architecture of the Internet, including how the internet works and what principles govern the digital world behind the scenes.

Why Bitcoin Matters – August 13, 2020
Roman Bögli, Software Developer, discussed the history, functionality, and ideology behind the disruptive technology named Bitcoin. He also explored how this electronic currency incorporates different disciplines such as cryptography, information technology, economic mechanism, and game theory. The importance of community-driven open-source protocols was discussed as well, along with its relation to privacy.