Our Vision: ACIT at one glance

The Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking (ACIT) is a global non-profit think-tank and research institute founded to understand the intersections of artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, and social change. ACIT is dedicated to spreading free education in the world, supporting the underprivileged through learning opportunities, and researching the most pressing scientific and societal questions of our time. ACIT publishes and hosts international conferences, science articles, seminars, and podcasts, connects over 320 researchers, professionals, and students across the globe, and operates offices in 5 countries, including China, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and Canada. 

ACIT is a project launched to connect open-minded people with interdisciplinary interests worldwide, bringing their diverse backgrounds together in order to solve the riddles of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and life in the 21st century. As a think-tank, we further provide freely accessible content around science, philosophy, and business to anyone interested in the future of the world. If this aligns with your values and passions, we would be greatly interested in getting to know you. 

ACIT works towards its vision of becoming a world-leading think tank&research institute by the year 2025, aiming to connect 10 000 international thinkers and researchers.

By becoming a member of ACIT, you will join a global network of critical thinkers and scientists from all across the world, participate in intellectual debates and discussions at our conferences and events, benefit from career coaching and keynote speaking opportunities we provide, and receive regular email updates on the latest scientific research around AI, neuroscience, and culture. Please sign up through our newsletter page to receive our content for free or participate in one of our university-accredited internships through the ACIT Career Starter Program that offers hands-on experience within one of our international teams in a role of your choice. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our website or follow us on social media.

“In my eyes, the most important question of the 21st century is how to ethically use the technologies of tomorrow to solve global problems such as energy sustainability, climate change, human & animal suffering, and poverty. In order to do this, both knowledge on advances in AI, but also a deep understanding of human societies and the functionality of the brain are required, which reflects the three research pillars on which ACIT was founded. Furthermore, I sincerely believe that education enables ripple effects, and that by giving educational and professional opportunities to people, they too get enabled to create and inspire opportunities for others, spreading through the world like ripples. These social and scientific beliefs are the foundation on which ACIT was built.”
Benjamin Bargetzi, Senior Key Account Manager at Google, Founder and President of ACIT

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