The Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking (ACIT) is a fast-growing network active in 11 cities across 5 countries and 3 continents, with the vision of spreading education and interdisciplinary thinking through the world. We offer a broad programme to meet the preferences of members, and the following list serves as an overview over our key projects.


ACIT offers its members local meetings (Science Days) that each branch of ACIT organizes individually and are held regularly. Non-members are also welcome to visit for a trial session as a way for newcomers to get a better idea of what ACIT is about. For those meetings filled with interdisciplinary discussions, it is usual that members prepare presentations about a field of expertise. Participants are then divided into small groups as to provide a comfortable setting for discourse. The premises and conclusions of each group are finally presented to the whole audience and assembled to a coherent unit. Invited experts also significantly enrich the meetings from time to time.

Please follow us on our three social media channels for upcoming science days and their topics: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Once a year, ACIT organizes a global conference in partnership with other organizations to bring together ACIT branches from across the world and to strengthen its network of network thinkers. At that conference, ACIT members and invited experts and speakers, such as professors, are invited to give a talk related to the topic of the conference that will be newly elected each year. The conference will alternate between our branches across the world. Only ACIT members and invited guests are allowed to attend the conference.

Upcoming conference details coming soon…

At ACIT, everyone helps one another. Therefore, the association wishes to establish a productive atmosphere that helps new members to quickly integrate themselves in this group of thinkers. For this reason, introductory classes for logical argumentation, rhetoric, and basics about a specific field of science are offered for free by invited experts and members with advanced education. Upon request members are also trained and coached for their careers and PhD by other educated members of ACIT and can be supported for preparing successfully for an exam as well.

Through our ACIT webpage and events, we provide our members with a platform that gives them the opportunity to present exciting ideas and brandnew research either as articles on our science blog or through presentations at local ACIT meetings.
You will have the opportunity to present topics that you are passionate about to a large audience, get more experienced in scientific writing and presentations, plus you will get professional feedback from experts of different fields to help you get better and better at presenting, debating and scientific analysis.

Besides the main meetings at our global universities, social events like hiking or dining together take place. ACIT further organizes excursions to museums and board game nights, and we update our members on upcoming external university talks. You may also reach out to your local branch to find out if they offer any additional programs such as sports or language courses. Members are informed about upcoming social events via e-mail.

We strive to launch social impact iniatives to support communities across the globe. Our core focus with these initiatives is to improve the overall wellbeing of individuals, with an emphasis on educational empowerment. Our meetings serve as a platform to discuss potential ideas to support the community, and we do our best to see how we can use these ideas to best help others. We also host events to support other organizations dedicated to social impact, raising awareness of other initiatives that do good in the world.

Some of our past initiatives include our travels to Slovenia to provide refugee camps with important resources; strategic and organizational work for Samrakshana and the Humanus-Haus to provide education for orphans and people with special needs; and fundraising for Stiftung Licht für vergessene Kinder to help provide education and shelter to children in Uganda and India.

In 2014, we founded a spin-off named ASAJO-Fitness to provide a sport programme and nutritional consulting to our members in Zurich.

ASAJO-Fitness is a voluntary project seeking to contribute to a healthy society with creative, intense and refreshing outdoor training programs. It also aspires to provide people with basic knowledge about nutritional science, sport techniques, and physical exercise.