Start a New Branch

If you are interested in becoming a leader within our association, building valuable career skills and friendships with interesting people, please keep reading!

We want to turn ACIT into a truly international network, and our dream is to provide our members with the opportunity to attend ACIT meetings wherever they are, from the most remote mountain villages in Nepal to bustling Chinese megacities. That’s why we are looking for courageous and open-minded people from all over the world to start a new branch with us!

We know that building up something from scratch can seem like a daunting task, which is why we will offer you a lot of support during the process. We promise you’ll learn a lot, and it will be worth it!

What is an ACIT local branch?

Our local branches organize speakers and educational events on a local level. The core ambition of a local branch is to create a local network of open-minded critical thinkers that come together regularly to share ideas and build friendships. As a branch leader, you will have a lot of creative freedom in how exactly you want to organize these events and what kinds of topics you want to set your focus on.

You can also create and manage different social impact initiatives, and you can cooperate with local, like-minded groups such as Effective Altruism, or collaborate with your local university to host seminars.

Am I qualified to lead an ACIT branch?

Branch leaders can come from all kinds of backgrounds! Nevertheless, you should be well-organized, entrepreneurial, comfortable with building up a team, and most importantly, open-minded and passionate about learning!

Why should I start an ACIT branch?

Starting an ACIT branch will be an adventure for sure. You will be part of an international team, building up a global movement focused on spreading good in the world. You will face many completely new challenges and even some disappointments, but they will make you learn all kinds of things that you never learned in school, and that will give you a skill set that’s extremely valuable in the real world!

What support do I get?

As a local branch leader, you will get a lot of support from our senior team members. We know some of the pitfalls of starting out from nothing, and we can give you valuable input on what to try and what to avoid.

We will also have bi-weekly calls to discuss progress and challenges, and you will have access to our ever-growing network of critical thinkers that can help you out!

Ready to start a branch, or even just curious?

If you’re curious but unsure about the commitment, don’t worry. You wouldn’t be signing a contract, and there are many different ways you can contribute.

If you’re ready to find out more, please contact, and we’ll schedule a “kick-off” call to discuss all the next steps!

Warm regards,
The ACIT Global Team