Dopamining — How to Bring our Ancient Brains Back on Track

Delve into the fascinating science of how our brains struggle with modern life, and the innovative solutions we can use to tackle this problem. Explore how you can harness your brain's ancient mechanisms to maximize productivity and satisfaction in today's digital world.

Co-authored by Benjamin Bargetzi and Leon Witt, PhD

It’s crazy how often we have to force ourselves to do things.

Work, homework, house work, workouts, practicing instruments, practicing any skill. Almost all useful activities require the frequent battle with our own feelings we call “discipline”. If we just do all day what we feel like in each given moment, the end result is usually not good.

But why is there so frequently such a big difference between what is good and what feels good to us? Why is it so easy to come up with excuses? Is our brain actively trying to sabotage our goals? How could humanity have survived this long with a brain that doesn’t cooperate?

The simple truth: we live in an environment today that our brain was not made for. The 2020s are quite different from the Stone Age, but our brain has not yet adapted to this new world — and so it still runs on some built-in mechanisms that used to be useful, but cause serious damage today.

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