The Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking (ACIT) is a fast-growing network of creative thinkers, scholars and experts in a variety of fields active across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

Our vision and purpose consists of spreading free education and creating a community of interdisciplinary thinking accessible to anyone worldwide.

Key Offerings

ACIT offers its members local meetings filled with interdisciplinary discussions, where members and invited experts hold presentations about a field of expertise. These meetings aim to provide everyone with a comfortable setting for discourse.​

On our social media and website, we provide free educational content created by experts versed in their specific fields. We also give members the opportunity to breathe life into their ideas and present them on our various platforms.​

Our main focus and asset is the community we can provide, both online and locally, that gives members a place to find discourse with other ACIT members. Experts in our community are also glad to provide coaching to members seeking help in their career path and academic endeavours.

ACIT provides you with the opportunity to join our management board, where you will be able to work together with experts in their respective fields and expand your own skill set by applying it in a rapidly growing global organization.