Business, Biases, And How To Shape A Career with Benjamin Bargetzi – Ep. 13 Podcast Summary

In a captivating conversation on the ACIT Science Podcast, Benjamin Bargetzi, a senior account manager at Google and founder of ASID, shares his intriguing transition from academia to the business world, driven by his passion for understanding the human mind and behavior. Discover his insights on psychology in business, the intersection between academia and the tech industry, and his exploration of topics like uncertainty, the free energy principle, and Nietzsche's philosophy.

The Brain From Inside Out with Györgi Buzsaki – Ep. 12 Podcast Summary

The ACIT Science Podcast episode 12 features Györgi Buzsaki, a professor of neuroscience at NYU and a respected neuroscientist known for his work on memory, sleep, and neural syntax. Buzsaki argues that the mind is in the way because it has preconceived notions about what we are expecting to find in the brain, and that neuroscience should shift the balance a little bit to the other direction and think more about brain mechanisms.

The Power of Science in Uniting Humanity – Preventing World War III

The power of science in uniting humanity lies in its ability to transcend cultural, political, and geographic boundaries. Science is a universal language that allows people from different backgrounds and cultures to communicate and collaborate toward common goals. Scientific research can bring together people with diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise, creating a shared sense of purpose and driving progress.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Psychology

The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to a significant breakthrough in many areas, including the field of psychology. This article claims to explore how AI has revolutionized the field of psychology, tackling the question of its role in emotive, cognitive, and social psychology.