Unveiling the Connection: NLP’s Impact on Understanding the Human Brain

Explore the fascinating intersection of Natural Language Processing and neuroscience, revealing how these two fields mutually benefit and inform each other. Discover insights into how NLP models help decode the complex neural correlates of language processing, contribute to the treatment of language disorders, and provide a unique perspective into the intricacies of the human brain.

Intelligence, Games and AlphaGo with Deep Mind’s Thore Graepel – Ep. 15 Podcast Summary

Delve into an engaging conversation with Google DeepMind's Thore Graepel on the ACIT Science Podcast, as he explores the intricacies of intelligence, the role of games in AI research, and the societal implications of AI technology, highlighted by the development of AlphaGo. Graepel's unique expertise in AI and his insights into multi-agent learning, collaboration between humans and AI, and ethical considerations in AI research promise a profound understanding of these evolving realms.

Psychedelics and the MIND Foundation with Marvin Däumichen – Ep. 9 Podcast Summary

Explore the cutting-edge intersection of psychedelic research and societal discourse with Marvin Däumichen, Director of Research at the MIND Foundation. Dive into the transformative potential, ethical considerations, and the changing public perception of psychedelics, all while envisioning a future where these substances play a vital role in personal growth, self-development, and therapeutic applications.